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GUANGZHOU LINK AUTOMATION EQUIPMENTCO.,LTD( The following is referred to as "our company" ) Operating website (http:/;   WeChat:“gzlink123”) The company stipulates the operation. Please read and understand the following rules before using this website.

Scope of use

In addition to the special agreement, the company publishes the ownership of the intellectual property rights of all the contents published on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this content"). Any units and individuals can be free to browse this website, but without the prior permission of the company, no matter by what method or for any purpose, not for personal use or for other than legal permission scope (including but not limited to reproduction, adaptation, upload, publish, email, announcements, licensing, and sales publishing). Please note that the use of this content without the permission of the company has infringed the legal risks of copyright law and trademark law, infringement of portraits or personal privacy.

Use of trademark

The relevant rights of the trademark, badge, logo, trade name, and trade name (hereinafter referred to as "trademark class") used by our company or our company's group are owned by our company. In addition, the rights of the trademarks of other companies are also owned by them. The illegal act of using the trademark without the permission of the right holder shall be strictly prohibited.

About links

The website is linked to third party web pages or links to the third party web pages of the website. Please use the requirements according to the conditions for the use of the linked web pages. In addition, the company is not responsible for any damage caused by the content of the linked web pages and the use of the connected web pages. This website's links to third party pages do not represent our company's guarantee for publishing products or services on the linked webpage, nor does it represent our company's guarantee or recognition for the information posted on this link webpage. No illegal links are not allowed without the permission of the company.


Our company has carried out a comprehensive and careful duty of care when publishing relevant contents on this website, but it is not responsible for the integrity, correctness, effectiveness and safety of the related contents. In addition, the company is not liable for the use of this information or the failure to use the information and any damage caused by the use of this website.

The company reserves the right to change the information published on this website without prior notice. The possibility of interruption or suspension of operation in this site is to be understood. In addition, for whatever reason, the company is not liable for any damage caused by the alteration of contents, the deletion of contents or the failure to use this website.

The applicable law and the jurisdiction of the lawsuit

Unless otherwise agreed, the use of this website, as well as the publication of information or the interpretation and application of the conditions of use, shall be subject to the law of China. Due to the dispute on the use of this website, the relevant litigation is under the jurisdiction of the people's Court of Guangzhou.

Use of rules

Guangzhou Ling Ke automation equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") operates website (including http:/;; Guangzhou Ling Ke micro mall "gzlink123"). The following abbreviated "this website") is operated by the company. Please read and understand the following rules before using this website. A copyright owner or a authorized user on all page design, page content. Our company has complete copyright on the contents of this website, including, but not limited to, the product catalog, text, data, graphics, photos, audio files, animation files, audio-video data, etc., which is protected by copyright law.

Users or visitors are only allowed to use this website to inquire and order the company. Without any prior written permission of the company, no unit or individual can use any website or content for any purpose other than the above. Prohibit any media, websites, enterprises or individuals without the written authorization of the company in the case in any form or for any purpose copy, modify the contents of this website, or link, posted or used for commercial purposes or otherwise copy issued, or slightly modified for use in other publications or websites. The behavior will be suspected of violating the copyright law and trademark law, infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of the company, the company will pursue its legal responsibility according to law.

The use of this service should be completed before the registration of the membership. After approval of the regulations, the company can obtain the customer number and user ID to become a formal member (hereinafter referred to as "customer").

If the applicant has one of the following circumstances, the company will refuse its application.

(1) an applicant belonging to a legal person or other enterprise and institution;
(2) already having membership;
(3) having been abolished or qualified for the use of this website;
(4) there are false items in the contents of the membership registration;
(5) having a clear resale purpose or belonging to a trade company with the purpose of resale;
(6) for the purpose of transferring, reselling the number of customers or the user ID, and so on;
(7) other circumstances that the company considers not to be eligible for membership.